Looking for Mold Making Liquid Silicone Rubber in Sri Lanka?

You have come to the right place. Chamara Mold Silicone 27 is a high quality Platinum cure 2 Part transparent liquid silicone. It withstands up to 250c and tare resistant. Mold Silicone 27 is Food grade so you can use this liquid for Food Molds such as Cakes, Decorations etc as well. This can also be used for Epoxy resin, Soap Molds, Gypsum, Cement, Fiber, Statue molds.

Mold Silicone 27 is high in viscosity. That means it’s 3 times as thick as Chemifix glue so you can use this for Status with ease.

Our factory is in IDH, Gothatuwa and you can come to us or we can courier to you for next day delivery. We can dispatch the goods in 24 hours.

We have 200g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg packages for you to use.

The mixing ration is 10:1. That means for Part A 100g mix Part B 10g. Its easy as that. The pot life is 30 minutes and curing time is 24 hours in Room Temperature.

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Mold Silicone™ 200g Pack

Part A 180g / Part B 20g

Rs 4000

Mold Silicone™ 500g Pack

Part A 455g / Part B 45g

Rs 8000

Mold Silicone™ 1KG Pack

Part A 910g / Part B 90g

Rs 14,000

Mold Silicone™ 2kg Pack

Part A 1.82g / Part B 180g

Rs 28,000

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Mold Silicone 27™ Key Features

  • High viscosity liquid silicone.
  • Cured mold can survive from -50℃ to 250℃ temperature, epoxy resin, acid & alkali resistance.
  • Environmental friendly and non-toxic, the shelf life up to 12 months .
  • BY WEIGHT – Silicone rubber compound features 10:1 mix ratio.
    E.g. Part A 910g to Part B 90g
  • POT LIFE: 30 minutes, Cure time: 24 HOURS
    This product cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Best to store at room temperature.
  • LOW VISCOSITY FOR EASY MIXING & POURING – Great for making simple one- or two-piece block molds.
  • PERFECT FOR ART & INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS – Often used for molds to reproduce sculptures and other prototypes, casting plaster, and wax12

Mold Silicone 27™ Properties

Product type : (Catalyzed A+B)
Hardness (Shore A) : 27±2
Mix Ratio (A:B) : 10:1
Color : Translucent
Pot life : 25 °C (77F) 30-40mins
Curing time : 25 °C (77F) : 24 hours
Mixed viscosity mPa.s : 14000±1000
Tear-strength kg/cm : 24±2
Tensile-strength M.pa : 4.7±0.5
Elongation % : 275±50
Shrinkage % : ≤0.3