Liquid Silicone


Part A 100g / Part B 100g

Rs 3500


Part A 250g / Part B 250g

Rs 6000


Part A 500g / Part B 500g

Rs 12,000


Part A 1kg / Part B 1kg

Rs 24,000


Part A 2.5kg / Part B 2.5kg

Rs 60,000


Part A 10kg / Part B 10kg

Rs 240,000


Part A 20kg / Part B 20kg

Rs 480,000

FlexiMold Soft™ Key Features

  • Low viscosity liquid silicone. It’s like water and very easy to maintain.
  • Environmental friendly , the shelf life up to 24 months .
  • BY WEIGHT – Silicone rubber compound features 1:1 mix ratio.
    E.g. Part A 100g to Part B 100g
  • POT LIFE: 15 minutes, Cure time: 3-6 HOURS
    This product cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Best to store at room temperature.
  • LOW VISCOSITY FOR EASY MIXING & POURING – Great for making simple one- or two-piece block molds.
  • PERFECT FOR ART & INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS – Often used for molds to reproduce sculptures and other prototypes, casting plaster, and wax12

FlexiMold Soft™ Properties

Product type : (Catalyzed A+B)
Hardness (Shore A) : 27±2 (Soft)
Mix Ratio (A:B) : 1:1
Color : Translucent
Pot life : 15 mins
Curing time : 3-6 hours
Shrinkage % : ≤0.3