Silicone Rubber Price

Silicone Rubber is a great synthetic rubber used for many uses in Sri Lanka and around the world. 

Silicone Rubber is heat resistant upto 180c and -40c which makes it great or a variety of uses. Silicone rubber comes in multiple forms. Rubber bails and Liquid silicone form. We sell Liquid Silicone Rubber mainly used for mold making, but our client’s use them or making Silicone Rubber Sheets, Molds, Covering electrical circuit boards, a substitute for Silicone Gels and so on. 

Our Silicone Rubber Price is the cheapst in Sri Lanka. Price starts from Rs 12,000 per kilo and its a 2 part Silicone rubber. You don’t need machinery to use this Rubber. Simply mix even weights from Part A and Part B and mix for 1 minute. After 3 hours it’ll be hard as a silicone rubber. The rubber hardness is 30 SHORE A which means its very flexible and soft but extremely strong in strength. 

See our Silicone Rubber Prices below to get an idea. You can order directly on or call 077 336 7060. 


Part A 100g / Part B 100g

Rs 3500


Part A 250g / Part B 250g

Rs 6000


Part A 500g / Part B 500g

Rs 12,000


Part A 1kg / Part B 1kg

Rs 23,000


Part A 2.5kg / Part B 2.5kg

Rs 55,000


Part A 10kg / Part B 10kg

Rs 200,000


Part A 20kg / Part B 20kg

Rs 360,000